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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

BIG Delivery!

Oh today has been yet another busy day!!! All the new My Mind's Eye (MME) products arrived this morning along with a load of gorgeous Prima Flowers!!!!! I was like a child at Christmas, busy oooohing and ahhhhing whilst having only a very quick look through it (sob!). I've had a nightmare this evening trying to get pics uploaded onto my website, to the point that my laptop nearly ended up the other side of the window on several occasions. On the plus side after many emails to Simon (one of the guys who runs the technical side) we managed to get it working so "Thank you" I was very grateful!
Hmmmm what else has happened today, my Dad went into hospital this morning to have a knee replacement. He's needed it for years but with one thing and another he's only just had it done. The surgery went well thankfully and mum's been with him throughout the day. Goodness knows how he's going to cope with resting for days in hospital as he doesn't like sitting still at all! He's always working!! Anyway, get well soon dad, and Grace send you a big kiss and cuddle.
The people coming to fit the carpet didn't show up until gone 3 and the cheeky little so and so's left 5 tin cans of adhesive spray and all the little pieces (they usually take it all away... grrrrr!!!!) I was not amused. I think we might have to call them back too as the carpet has already lifted and got little bumps in it, I said to Simon "make sure they've done it tight" as we've had this problem before!!!
Anyway, so far I've managed to get just 4 papers onto the website as its taken hours to sort out the problem... don't even ask me how the design challenge is going, um its not at the moment, I've got to pull my finger out tomorrow and get it done. I'm hoping if I post it on Saturday by Special delivery it'll get there by Tuesday (gulp!)
Right I think that's me done and dusted for this post, I'm sat in bed about to add a few more papers before bed - I'm soooo tired, with Simon having been away to Germany for a couple of days I didn't get to bed until late and its just been quite draining. I don't envy single parents at all, they must do a remarkable job however they must be constantly exhausted!
I'll add a pic of a paper from each collection. There's Mary Mary and Little Boy Blue, both are gorgeous and I love the colours in each. I've ordered all of the bits and pieces to go with them so I'll have the entire complete ranges on the website soon!!! :)
Bye for now xxx
This is one of the Mary Mary papers (I LOVE the pink) and the texture!

And this is one of the papers from Little Boy Blue - how cute?!
Some of the papers  have die cut eding and some of them (most) are double sided patterned. Then there's lettering, journaling cards, title cards, die cuts etc etc - lovely!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Good News & PANIC!

OK first for some very very good news... Simon had a phonecall today from Morrisons to say Smeggy (Grace's cow she'd lost) had been found and was ready for collection. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when Simon called me. Poor Grace spent over an hour crying last night and couldn't settle without her. Thank goodness Smeggy was found!!! I nearly cried! How guilty did I feel yesterday, I trawled the internet looking for Smeggy look-a-likes last night!

Grace and I had a friend over this afternoon Poppy (who is 2 months younger than Grace) and Jo - Jo's expecting Baby Number 2 very soon. I made a rather yummy cake for us to have (although that was a challenge... could  find the base of my secod cake tin to bake both halves at the same time? No!!! Arghhh so it took twice as long as it would have done but it all turned out fine and tasted good! Jo even took some home with her so it couldn't have been bad!

Well onto the panic element of my post... I got a phonecall this afternoon from Scrapbook Magazine offering me a double page layout feature however I have to design and submit a layout.... by TUESDAY! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so now I have the ususal dilemmas everyone faces when trying to design a layout, first photos, papers, accessories, layout, features..... hmmmmm if I had longer I'm sure I'd feel less stress so wish me luck as I think I'll need it!!!!! Right well I best get too it!!! Ha ha!! (She says shaking here!)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

What a day!

Gosh, what a day firstly we lose an hours sleep (not good, especially going to bed quite late!) and then a mini disaster hit this afternoon whilst out shopping (I shall reveal all soon lol, I feel more guilty than anything!)

The day started off lovely and sunny, don't you feel much happier and brighter when the sun is shining!? We had to go to Church this morning and the "service" was actually really lovely, very different. It was an "open air" service and we had a little tour around Welland aka "Jerusalem"! (All for Palm Sunday). Afterwards we had lovely moist chocolate cake (M & S) and coffee mmmmmm. It was nice to speak to some of the others there and Grace had great fun playing with another little boy. We came back and went up to the farm for a while, Grace's "cousins" were over from Wales and she loved playing with them.

We popped to Morrisons really really quickly this afternoon (and gosh don't I wish we hadn't!) Grace has a cuddly toy cow who is her best buddy. She's called Smeggy (or Meg) and Grace loves her. We took her along with us as she tends to go everywhere. Anyway when I put Grace in the trolley she hadn't got her and didn't think anything of it, I didn't think she'd taken her out of the car and guess what, when we got back to the car and I noticed she wasn't there!!!! Simon went back into the shop to check just in case and leave our phone number etc. I turned the car upside down but no luck at all! I think she must have been dropped when Simon got her out the car and someone must have picked her up but couldn't have handed her in! So I'm feeling rather guilty that I didn't check that she was left in the car and secondly I'm feeling so annoyed that nobody handed her in! Grace has got a duck cuddly toy and I've been trying to make a fuss of her this evening to see how she might take to Daisy! Fingers crossed :(

Well, all of the new Sophie and Jazmyne  ranges are on the website now and masses of double dot ribbon and card. I'm hoping my MME and Prima order will be here this week!

The carpet for my dining room is being fitted on Wednesday so I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll have a new room to use! :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Where has the time gone!?!?

Oh my goodness! Where on Earth has all the time gone!? I started this blog at the end of February with the intention of adding to it daily or most days and well hmmmm its not gone quite to plan! Part of the reason is that our little girl Grace had been rather poorly on and off for well, months! She's "touch wood" much better now though.

Well the Stitch & Creative Craft Show has been and gone!!! It was amazing!!! (Although terrifying too!) We met some fabulous people there and our stand looked amazing! We had such lovely comments about how good everything looked and my word weren't we busy at times!! Its taken some time to actually "recover" from it as it was exhausting and thankfully I had friends there to help (otherwise I'd never have coped!)

Well, its the end of March almost and things haven't stopped! I've had a huge delivery of the new Bo Bunny Jazmyne and Sophie ranges in and most of it is on the website now but there's still more too add! I've ordered two new MME ranges in (so excited!) I also have a mass of new lace, ribbon, flowers and much more to add so I better get stuck in whilst Grace is still having her nap!

Once I've got the dining room all finished (I'll post about that next time perhaps) I'll be able to sit down and get more craftin done so I can start adding photos to my posts!

By for now (and it won't be as long I promise)!
Hayley x