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Monday, 29 March 2010

Good News & PANIC!

OK first for some very very good news... Simon had a phonecall today from Morrisons to say Smeggy (Grace's cow she'd lost) had been found and was ready for collection. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when Simon called me. Poor Grace spent over an hour crying last night and couldn't settle without her. Thank goodness Smeggy was found!!! I nearly cried! How guilty did I feel yesterday, I trawled the internet looking for Smeggy look-a-likes last night!

Grace and I had a friend over this afternoon Poppy (who is 2 months younger than Grace) and Jo - Jo's expecting Baby Number 2 very soon. I made a rather yummy cake for us to have (although that was a challenge... could  find the base of my secod cake tin to bake both halves at the same time? No!!! Arghhh so it took twice as long as it would have done but it all turned out fine and tasted good! Jo even took some home with her so it couldn't have been bad!

Well onto the panic element of my post... I got a phonecall this afternoon from Scrapbook Magazine offering me a double page layout feature however I have to design and submit a layout.... by TUESDAY! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so now I have the ususal dilemmas everyone faces when trying to design a layout, first photos, papers, accessories, layout, features..... hmmmmm if I had longer I'm sure I'd feel less stress so wish me luck as I think I'll need it!!!!! Right well I best get too it!!! Ha ha!! (She says shaking here!)

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  1. Glad you found 'her', had no internet y'day - was getting withdrawal symptoms, and wow layout feature - how cool - you got it planned yet? when's it gonna be featured.

    Off to post on mine now (add it - it's looking empty with no followers) well maybe tea first. x


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