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Monday, 26 April 2010


Sorry I've not posted for a while, I've been immensely busy with so many things and to top everything off Grace is poorly yet again! :(
Well, things have been very busy, lots of orders coming in which is fantastic, it feels like the website is starting to get known with people now and I've also pushed advertising. Lots of new products have been added and lets face it, what does every crafter love??? Lots of gorgeous gorgeous goodies, choice and great prices! I've been busy working away at adding more gorgeous goodies and have still got some more to add to the website! I'm also in the process of ordering some new stock too!
Well, Simon, Grace and I went away this last weekend, we had a lovely time away, Sarah (who we stayed with) found this gorgeous park for us to visit and Grace had a fantastic time feeding ducks and swans and running around playing with her ball. We managed to get some shopping done and also sort a few things out for our up coming wedding which is great! I'm so excited, still got a few things to finalise but everything is getting there thankfully!
Grace now has a cold though, her temperature started creeping up yesterday (although it had been quite high since Friday on and off) I'm just hoping it stays as a cold and doesn't develop into anything worse (she's so susceptible to becoming poorly).
I joined the blog hop (had tried and tried to get it to work but had problems!) anyway, I managed to get it to work today thankfully! The only thing is it didn't post the picture so I'm going to have to try and get that sorted :(
Right, I'm off to get the weekend's orders posted and I have lots of work to do!

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  1. Hi Hayley sorry to hear Grace is unwell again, poor wee thing, she really has it tough x Your weekend away sounds great. What do you do with a lamb with a sore tummy ?!?! AX


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