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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Has it really been that long!?!

Ooops!! I'm so sorry it's been so long again! Had a very very very busy couple of weeks! Grace was rather poorly (yet again) and we'd been back in hospital again about a week and a half ago now. It always knocks me out of sync, the worry, staying up, the waiting and not being able to do anything is so tiring! Anyway I'm pleased to say she's doing much much better... except for today! I'd started taking some new medication and it's really knocked me, I felt like I'd been given something today, I woke up feeling wobbly, nauseous and light headed and just couldn't find my balance, Simon took Grace off to a farm sale and I went back to bed at 1:30pm I just couldn't keep my eyes open any more and felt so rough! Anyway, I called Simon this afternoon to find out where he was as they'd been out ages and he came back and Grace has been ill in the car (windy lanes, lots of time in the car and Daddy's driving had made her car sick... great, I really hate vomit! That's one thing I'm really not good at dealing with and why oh why did I give her her milk before bed?!?!? Arghhhh!

It was Grace's Birthday on the 28th, we had a party for her last weekend and she had so much fun, the weather was great and we had lots of friends around to help celebrate! I still can't believe my baby girl has turned 2, it's gone so quickly!! We bought her a kitchen and lots of accessories and she's been busy all week making me coffee with her "boiling" and "pouring" kettle!!! We went out for lunch and we're going to take her to a safari park soon.

I've also been busy adding some gorgeous new stock to the website... the new Brand and release by Echo Park called Life is Good - it's gorgeous lots of smaller prints, florals, pinks, brown, blue, yellow and green, it's quite Autumnal and worn looking you can find it here: http://www.funkyfarmscrapbookbarn.co.uk/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_description=1&keywords=echo%20park&sort=3a&page=1

I've got loads of cards I need to get making, another friend has had a baby girl and so I have another new baby card to make - I best get cracking!

Oh I forgot to tell you what other new products I'd added... there's some gorgeous pom pom ribbon by Prima, some new flowers and a gorgeous new STAMP KIT which you can find here! I hope you like it!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Just a really quick post...

Hello, just thought I'd make a really really quick post before bed! I've been mega busy yesterday and today - the sale has picked up and some things are beginning to sell out - if you've not had chance to check it out, why not pop over and take a peep; you might have yourself a little bargain or two!

I've been busy putting orders together and posted every single one placed at the weekend today - well Simon did the P.O. run - I wasn't brave enough to do all that with Grace! I'm glad everyone's orders have gone out though.

I was meant to have a card to post today but I've been that busy sadly I didn't get chance - Monday afternoons I have "off" and Grace and I go out or have friends around for the afternoon. I love Monday afternoons!!

Grace actually ate all her dinner today too! I could have down a little dance - she would have probably stared at me thinking "mum... please sit down and stop being so silly, I can eat when I want to!"

Right hopefully will get more time tomorrow to post a card... I have some layouts I need to work on too!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A little after Midnight!

Oops, didn't quite get the post in before Midnight! Had a funny day again, feeling a little disheartened and been in pain again today, I thought I may have got a chill in my back or the dull achey-ness perhaps the beginning of a kidney infection but today I woke up and had terrible back pain in my lower back, around the area you have an epidural so maybe its something to do with that. I really don't know but wish it would go away as it's been quite uncomfortable at times.

Anyway onto nicer things... I've been adding some new goodies to the website today - I ordered in some Hero Arts Stamps for the show I did in March and have just got around to adding the last of them onto the website (they're rubber stamps, wooden block). I've also finished adding some Petaloo jeweled tye-dyed daisies. Have you popped over to Funky Farm's website yet to take a look at the sale? I need to have a big big clear out!!! You can find some amazing bargains, papers, rub ons, stickers, brads, scrapbook kits, charms - there's loads to choose from!

I've had the evening to myself (well Gracie and I) - Simon went out for a friend's stag do so I had a takeaway and a night on the sofa (well apart from finishing off a card which I can now post). I had to try and find a Birthday present for my Mum today, when on Earth did shopping for your Mum become so difficult!!?? I've struggled for years to buy something lovely that she'd either need or really want/like. What do you buy someone who has pretty much everything they need?

I have another Baby Girl a and New Grandparents card to make!! Everyone is having baby Girls at the moment!!! I love making baby cards though and can't wait to get started!

This card below I've made for Julie who made Grace's Christening/Flower Girl dress and also Sarah's and Harriet's Bridesmaid dresses. Julie made us the most beautiful wedding card and also I asked her to make a cravat and hankie for Simon. I thought this Penny Black image was perfect! It's another out of a set which you can find on the website. I used some Bo Bunny Double Dot Ribbon to go with it. I'm not entirely sure whether I'm happy with it. I think it's the colour of the flowers; I did intend on using another paper hmmm....

Friday, 16 July 2010


Well I didn't quite get today's card finished - sorry, hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow will be able to post it then. I've been busy instead working on the website and have put together a MASSIVE Summer Sale!!!

There's loads of products reduced including over 150 papers, 150 + embellishments, brads, cardstock stickers, charms, ribbon packs, rub ons and more!!

I've reduced some papers massively and some are less than 50% their original price! Selected Bo Bunny lines have got 25% off too!!

I've also been busy adding new stamps, flowers and pearl/crystal embellishments to the website too so if you fancy a little bit of new and old now is the time to hop on over and take a look!!! Please help spread the word of the sale and more importantly have fun shopping!

I managed to get Grace to eat some "dinner" this evening. Instead of cooking her comething like roast chicken or cottage pie etc I decided to go for a different take on dinner and made her a poached egg and toast. I'm really not an egg lover at all (I can't stand them sadly which is a big shame because they're so quick and easy) but I've tried Grace with them a few times with no success. She did reasonably well and ate the yolk but definately didn't like the white of the egg, she cringed, shuddered and spat it out! She ate her toast too so I was relieved she'd managed something!!!

Well, I think that's it for me today, I've had terrible pain in my back all day, I woke up with it but felt it in the night, it hurts to breathe and move etc and I'm beginning to remember the pain I had whilst pregnant with Grace (I had very bad kidney infections) - I really really hope it's not that but so far (touch wood) the pain isn't anywhere in the league of that pain!

Right I'm off. Have a good weekend and don't forget the sale ;)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bit of a "funny" day...

Do you ever have those days where you feel a little bit "don't know-ish"? I'm having one of those today, don't know why or what for either!

Grace woke up at 5:30 this morning, she's being a little madam with eating at the moment, or should I say lack of eating!! I try to not get stressed about it but who doesn't worry when their child doesn't eat!? It's been 4 days in a row now that she hasn't eaten her evening meal!!! I've tried cooking her what I thought was her favourite, tried something a little bit different and still no! I find it hard sometimes because she's had such a rough time with food and her diet. She has to have a gluten and dairy free diet which makes it even more tricky to make her meals or whip up something quick if she doesn't like what's on offer!

Anyway, got my orders all done this morning and Grace went off up to the farm and was helping her Grandad. He was carrying buckets of water to water pens and Grace was toddling right by him carrying her empty bucket helping! She loves the farm, being outside and around the animals! It gave me chance to have a bit of quiet time - something I don't get often!!

I've got a lot of cards to make for people this month, Birthdays, Weddings, Babies... It's given me the excuse to get busy crafting though and who would ever want to moan about having to do crafting!

We should hopefully get out Wedding photographs next week, I cannot wait!!! Our photographer came around last week whilst Simon was out hay making to go through just the pics in our photo book and they are incredible... I cried - they really are so beautiful!! I only saw the ones for the book and went through them and just wanted a couple changing in the colouring. I can't wait for Simon to see the book and I can't wait to se the 2500 + photos he's taken!! Scrapbooking heaven!!! (And a new subject to scrap!)

The card I made today is for my Mum (one of the 4 Birthdays in July, the same day as my friend's who I made the card for yesterday!). This card is from Grace, I thought the stamp was so cute - by Penny Black - you can find it here I wanted a nice bright, happy card and thought the Bazzill CS, paper and ribbon worked well together. The ribbon is also for sale on the website, it's the yellow (light gold) satin micro dot (sold by the metre). I hope you like and more importantly, I hope my Mum likes it!!

I have another busy day tomorrow, more things to add to the website and lots of sorting out to do!!!
Take Care and sleep well - I'm off to bed!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fancy a Martini?

Well, I've had another busy weekend and couple of days! Firstly I've been busy adding more new stock to the website - you'll now find some more gorgeous flowers by Petaloo and Prima! You can never have too many flowers!! After ribbon, I think they're my next favourite item to have in my stash, along with gorgeous papers!
Grace and I had a lovely afternoon out yesterday with our little group - so thankful to have made some friends locally - there's 3 of us and our gorgeous girls - we meet up each week. Grace loves it and they all get on so well together. I enjoy the company and adult conversation and we have a good chat, plenty of coffee, a slice of cake and relax - perfect! Until I had Grace I didn't have any close friends that lived locally and missed being able to pop over to see someone for a cuppa and a chat etc - she's done wonders for getting me out and about again and meeting the girlies has been excellent we both love it!

Today we actually had a considerable amount of rain!!! I know - amazing! I think my veggie patch must have been singing with joy! It was rather odd waking up this morning and it was really dull and chilly in comparison to the warm days we've been having! Now we've had a little rain, I'd like sun again please, I've enjoyed the lovely warm and dry days, it's a bit of a novelty in comparison to recent years! :)

I made the card below for friend's Birthday which is next week - she's chocolate mad and her favourite colour is red so I tried to pick papers and use colours to suit and think I've done quite a good job! I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. I had a nightmare trying to find a new needle for my sewing machine, I knew I had some and thought they were in a particular place but must have moved them into our dining room when I moved a lot of my craft stuff into that room - it was driving me mad!!!

I hope you enjoy the card, the stamp is by Kerry (Ladybug Crafts Ink) - "Martini Nikki" and she's available to buy here they're lovely stamps, great quality and so easy to use!! There's loads of different Nikkis in the collection and they're a great price too! The sentiment stamps and red double stitch ribbon is also available on the website too!
I love the colours of these Basic Grey papers, I thought the red was perfect and these always remind me of chocolate so double bonus!

Hope you're having a lovely first half of the week! xXx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Busy busy busy!

I've been sooooo busy the last few days (well weeks/months)! I've finally finished adding the new and very gorgeous PEACOCK LANE collection to the website you can find it by clicking here - I started and finished adding it yesterday (after being told off by Kerry for taking too long!!) I hope you like the collection, it's already proving very popular with customers and I think it'll be a winner! The colours are gorgeous!!!

I've also added to the website some gorgeous and very cute paper cubbies - they must be the funnest and cutest paper tidies I've ever seen, I've had them since the show I did in March and finally got my butt into gear and added the rest to the site! You can find them here - if they prove popular I shall get some more so don't worry if these sell out - they were really popular at the show!

I made the following card back in April and thought I'd already added it to my blog but looked back through and can't find it so couldn't have done! I've had it displayed in the gallery and on the Funky Farm's Facebook group for months - I could have sworn I'd added it but hey ho it's on now!
I was so pleased with the results, a friend of mine had a little girl and I couldn't wait to get making her a card! I thought these papers by MME were perfect - I used Mary Mary - Play and So Cute - I also used Bo Bunny double dot cardstock in Tutu, some lace, pearls, a button and flowers. The stamp is by Penny Black - I'd bought them for the website back in April I think and couldn't resist these gorgeous baby designs! They're the T for Transparent range - there's 12 stamps in this pack and they're excellent value for money - you can find them here I hope you like the card (I'm sure I'm going mad, I really thought I'd added it, I made it the same time as a birthday card for another friend, you can see it in the background of the pic and I know that one is definately on here!) ... mad! You can buy the papers, cardstock, lace and flowers etc from Funky Farm's website http://www.funkyfarmscrapbookbarn.co.uk

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Back to work for me, I've got some floral treats to add and some more stamps!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Bo Bunny - Sun Kissed

Wow what a week!!  I've been sooooo busy!!! This week seems to have gone in a big flash!! However I'm feeling very very very happy indeed! Our appointment with Grace went well earlier in the week which was a relief!
I've been busy working on my latest design piece for a magazine, I had to bear in mind it was going into an Autumn issue which was a little bit of a challenge but I'd taken what I thought was an excellent photo and it was perfect for my theme, I wish I could show you all but I'm afraid I can't, I'll let you know when it's published and will take a pic of the magazine and add it here too. I sometimes struggle with putting my ideas into practice but it just went soooo well and I can't stop smiling lol! I'd worked on the design whilst we were in hospital and planned the look I wanted etc - do you ever find that once you've planned something it never usually turns out how you had planned it? I'd altered a few things from my plan but was amazed with how well it went together!

I've also been busy adding the new Sun Kissed collection by Bo Bunny to the website too - I've added a couple of pics for you to take a peek at too, I think these papers are perfect for holiday snaps, child themes and cards etc. I love the bright bold colours, I'm usually one for subtle colours and don't usually go for bold but these I think are great fun!

Well that's it for me today but I should have some more time to post soon! Thank you for stopping by, I've a mass of cards I need to get working on and I've been promised (again) without fail my dining room table will be inside tonight complete with chairs (I won't hold my breath, I've been asking since March!!)

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I've been busy over the last couple of days adding masses of new ribbon to the website!!! There's lots of gorgeous new ribbons to choose from so why not take a look?

You'll find over 50 ribbons (cut by length) including double and single stitched grosgrains - these are ideal for cards and scrapbooking too!

(Just some of the gorgeous ribbon on offer!)
There's also a range of cute ginghams in 2 widths, these too are perfect for a huge variety of themes!

Other ribbons include spotted ribbon, cute "Ditto" blended ribbon, metallic edged ribbon, taffeta spotted, organza, dazzle and printed satin ribbons so lots to choose from!

Also on the website is the hugely popular Bo Bunny Double Dot ribbons!!! You'll find a huge variety of colours (the website houses the entire colour range other than one which I can't get hold of!) so you'll be spoilt for choice! I've also recently added some 5/8" width ribbon too - if these prove popular I will be stocking more colours of these too!

There's also a great variety of lace on the website - perfect for adding a different texture and feel to your projects. Also - Prima's new VOILA - these are lengths of gorgeous felt, they come in pack of 3 colours and are something a little bit different from the norm!

Well that's it for now, back to work for me! Enjoy! xXx

Friday, 2 July 2010

July Kit anyone????

Sooooo, who would like a peek at July's Monthly Kit?????

It's called "Quite Contrary" and features some gorgeous goodies!!! I've put together a set of 6 gorgeous double sided papers from the Quite Contrary, Mary Mary collection by My Mind's Eye - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these papers, I think they're some of my favourites - they feature beautiful small prints which make them perfect for cards too! I've also added 2 die cut shaped papers from the same collection - these are single sided with scallop edging. All of the papers are excellent quality and have a lovely texture to them!!

I've also put into this kit some coordinating (my choice) of Bo Bunny Double Dot (and double sided) cardstock! Colours include, Strawberry, Island Mist, Kiwi, Flamingo and Mint.

Also included in this kit is a selection of gorgeous ribbon, jute twine, buttons, stickers, alphabet stickers, flowers, and some journaling cards!!!

The kit is priced at £21.99 saving you some money!
Free postage is included and you can also easily add to this kit by buying some more of the papers from the collection, more cardstock, other ribbons, flowers and why not try some lace?

Let me know what you think.... I've been busy adding the new collections from Bo Bunny although I've got a little behind. Grace was back in hospital last week but she's much better now.
Hoping you're all well! xXx