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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bit of a "funny" day...

Do you ever have those days where you feel a little bit "don't know-ish"? I'm having one of those today, don't know why or what for either!

Grace woke up at 5:30 this morning, she's being a little madam with eating at the moment, or should I say lack of eating!! I try to not get stressed about it but who doesn't worry when their child doesn't eat!? It's been 4 days in a row now that she hasn't eaten her evening meal!!! I've tried cooking her what I thought was her favourite, tried something a little bit different and still no! I find it hard sometimes because she's had such a rough time with food and her diet. She has to have a gluten and dairy free diet which makes it even more tricky to make her meals or whip up something quick if she doesn't like what's on offer!

Anyway, got my orders all done this morning and Grace went off up to the farm and was helping her Grandad. He was carrying buckets of water to water pens and Grace was toddling right by him carrying her empty bucket helping! She loves the farm, being outside and around the animals! It gave me chance to have a bit of quiet time - something I don't get often!!

I've got a lot of cards to make for people this month, Birthdays, Weddings, Babies... It's given me the excuse to get busy crafting though and who would ever want to moan about having to do crafting!

We should hopefully get out Wedding photographs next week, I cannot wait!!! Our photographer came around last week whilst Simon was out hay making to go through just the pics in our photo book and they are incredible... I cried - they really are so beautiful!! I only saw the ones for the book and went through them and just wanted a couple changing in the colouring. I can't wait for Simon to see the book and I can't wait to se the 2500 + photos he's taken!! Scrapbooking heaven!!! (And a new subject to scrap!)

The card I made today is for my Mum (one of the 4 Birthdays in July, the same day as my friend's who I made the card for yesterday!). This card is from Grace, I thought the stamp was so cute - by Penny Black - you can find it here I wanted a nice bright, happy card and thought the Bazzill CS, paper and ribbon worked well together. The ribbon is also for sale on the website, it's the yellow (light gold) satin micro dot (sold by the metre). I hope you like and more importantly, I hope my Mum likes it!!

I have another busy day tomorrow, more things to add to the website and lots of sorting out to do!!!
Take Care and sleep well - I'm off to bed!

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