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Friday, 9 July 2010

Bo Bunny - Sun Kissed

Wow what a week!!  I've been sooooo busy!!! This week seems to have gone in a big flash!! However I'm feeling very very very happy indeed! Our appointment with Grace went well earlier in the week which was a relief!
I've been busy working on my latest design piece for a magazine, I had to bear in mind it was going into an Autumn issue which was a little bit of a challenge but I'd taken what I thought was an excellent photo and it was perfect for my theme, I wish I could show you all but I'm afraid I can't, I'll let you know when it's published and will take a pic of the magazine and add it here too. I sometimes struggle with putting my ideas into practice but it just went soooo well and I can't stop smiling lol! I'd worked on the design whilst we were in hospital and planned the look I wanted etc - do you ever find that once you've planned something it never usually turns out how you had planned it? I'd altered a few things from my plan but was amazed with how well it went together!

I've also been busy adding the new Sun Kissed collection by Bo Bunny to the website too - I've added a couple of pics for you to take a peek at too, I think these papers are perfect for holiday snaps, child themes and cards etc. I love the bright bold colours, I'm usually one for subtle colours and don't usually go for bold but these I think are great fun!

Well that's it for me today but I should have some more time to post soon! Thank you for stopping by, I've a mass of cards I need to get working on and I've been promised (again) without fail my dining room table will be inside tonight complete with chairs (I won't hold my breath, I've been asking since March!!)

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