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Monday, 30 August 2010

A lovely day!

Hello, I hope all my friends in the UK have enjoyed the Bank Holiday. I've had a bit of a lazy day, I'm still not feeling 100% and woke up this morning with tummy ache and still a bit of a sicky feeling, I've felt rather tired all day (long gone are the days of being able to sneak back to bed thanks to a gorgeous 2 year old that really wouldn't be impressed!!) Grace isn't quite back to normal either, she didn't want any milk or breakfast this morning and only ate when we got to my parents' house this evening!!! We went around to my Mum and Dad's house for a BBQ this evening and it was lovely! They only live about 8 miles away which is lovely. My Dad is a BBQ-ing genius (having lived in Cyprus (and Germany)) he's very into BBQ-ing and they're quite famous in our family - he loves all his greek spice blends and my mum makes the most amazing honey and pineapple marinade which is delicious! Yum!! I'd forgotten how much my tummy had shrunk from being ill and have eaten too much so am now feeling a little uncomfortable!

I meant to post last night to say that Lisa one of my fellow Lovely Ladybugs is holding a Ladybug themed challenge and giveaway (eeek) so why not pop over to her blog http://mess2magic.blogspot.com/ and have a go!!

Another of my Lovely Ladybug friends is also having a giveaway and is hoping to get as many people as possible to produce a teal themed card for an Ovarian Cancer Charity. Sue is giving away blog candy (some of which is sponsored by myself and Queen Ladybug Kerry at LCI) and is producing teal coloured cards (that's the chairty's ribbon colour) to sell to help raise important funds. Please pop over to Sue's blog http://suesassortedramblings.blogspot.com/ to get the details and help!!

OK onto today's card... I know I was going to post my last audition card for the Lovely Ladybugs but Queen Ladybug decided to post a card using the papers from the same collection as I had used and Sue, my fellow Princess Ladybug has used the papers and stamp that I used LOL!!! Great minds were obviously thinking Bo Bunny Jazmyne today!! Sooooo this is a card I made last night for my Dad who's Birthday is on Friday. (I stayed up until 1:30 last night/this morning finishing it!) I laughed so much when I came across this stamp, it's perfect for my dad!! (I hope!)
Crafty Ingredients:
Bugaboo Digi Stamp - New Truck (and sentiment)
MME Little Boy Blue Papers
Bo Bunny brown button
Bo Bunny Aquamarine Double Dot CS
Button from stash
Scallop punch
I don't know where I got the green button from, I think it was in a sale pack somewhere but I thought it matched the paper with the curved diamond pattern perfectly (of course that was all down to my excellent planning rather than luck - ha ha!!) I love these papers, they're still some of this years favourites and they're all still in stock CLICK HERE

I'm so excited (I think it's a little to get excited excited though lol!!) Kerry is sending us out first LCI stamps tomorrow for our first challenge and I CANNOT WAIT!! My mind has already been dreaming up ways of producing a card for the challenge and I think I might have to make a few as I have several ideas!!! Well at least I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed lol!!

Right that's it for me, I need an early night (not that I'll probably get one mind as I have several things I need to do yet). I've got to see whether I can get my hair done either tomorrow or Wednesday ready for a party on Saturday night. Oh and I have my monthly crop I go to tomorrow night too, more fun and giggles me thinks, I don't really get too much done but I have so much fun whilst there!!

Oh one final thing... there's still time to save 10% off all orders over £20.00 and 15% for all orders over £50.00 - check out the website for the codes http://www.funkyfarmscrapbookbarn.co.uk/ the offers finish tomorrow!!! :D
Nighty night

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Having so much fun!!! Thank you Lovely Ladybugs!

I am already having so much fun being a lovely ladybug! We're getting to know each other more and more and I think we're all as mad and as nutty as each other (phew!)

I've been busy in my veggie patch trying to get out in the fresh air after being so poorly whilst it's nice and dry. I can't believe how much my butternut squash plants have taken over, I only planted 5/6 seeds - they obviously love their home!! I hope I get lots of them I love butternut squash and Sarah (who visited a few weeks ago loves them too so she can sample my harvest!) I'm also very impressed that my aubergine plant is busy producing aubergines, it must have about 8 flowers and it's got one aubergine growing at the moment. My runner beans are going mad and so are my tomatoes, they've sank down a little because of all the weight they're carrying, seriously I have 100s and 100s of tomatoes growing!!! I have normal ones, cherry ones, plum and cherry plum tomatoes and we sampled them last night and they're delicious, I love the smell of the vines mmmmm lol! I've added a few pics to share as I'm so pleased with my efforts despite me starting it so late this year!
My Aubergines!

My runner beans!

Cucumbers - They're huge!!

My butternut squashes and you can see on the left by the fence my 2 rhubarb plants sticking out bless them! (My cauliflower plants are on the right)

One of my Cherry Tomato plants!

One of my pumpkins!

OK that will do with the veggies before a get a little too carried away lol!! I'm so pleased with how it's gone though!

Right onto today's card, this is another card (the second one) I made for Kerry at LCI for my "audition" - I LOVE Magnum and had to use this stamp in my first ever stamp kit for my online shop, you can also find the paw print twill in the kit too, I still need to add it as an individual item along with a few others. I had planned something a little bit different with the card (hence why the aquamarine card isn't centred!) I love the colours of these papers and CS I love greens and browns!! I thought this card could easily be used for a lady who isn't overly girly or could easily be used for a man too!

Crafty Ingredients:
Catflap Magnum (LCI)
Paw Print Twill
MME Little Boy Blue Papers
Smarty Pants (reverse for the brown)
Growing Up (spotty paper)
Hearty (reverse is the gorgeous green!)
Bo Bunny button
Bo Bunny Double Dot CS Aquamarine
LCI Just for you sentiment
Scallop border punch

You can find all of the products to make this gorgeous card online at http://www.funkyfarmscrapbookbarn.co.uk/
Don't forget the 2 SPECIAL BANK HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS (See the main page for discount codes!)
I'll be back hopefully as I have a another post to make! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! xXx

Saturday, 28 August 2010


OK I can now burst with my exciting news!!! I've been bubbling for days now and barely been able to contain my excitment!!
Kerry (aka Head Ladybug & Miss Whiplash (don't ask!)) has been on the hunt for her new Lovely Ladybugs - her very own LCI Design Team and guess what?!!? I so happy and excited to announce that I am now part of this amazing DT!!!

Kerry is the owner of Ladybug Crafts Ink and creates beautiful cling stamps sold to the public and also suppliers them to stores like mine! I was the first shop in England to actually stock her stamps (very proud of this!) I thought they were fantastic!! Since her first releases Kerry has created several sets of amazing stamps and characters including Nikki, Ruby, Robyn, Magnum, Jack and Buttercup! I don't think I could pick a favourite they're all gorgeous and cute!

I'm working alongside several other incredibly talented ladies and we have a real international theme going on with ladies from Scotland/Canada, Ireland, USA, South Africa, France and England!! Here are my fellow Lovely Ladybugs - please visit their blogs too and congratulate them, we're still getting to know each other but after a very fun night last night, it feels like we've firmly bonded as friends already:

Kerry      http://www.ladybugcraftsink.blogspot.com/
Lisa         http://mess2magic.blogspot.com/
Tams       http://dropletsinarustybucket.blogspot.com/
Michele   http://whimsicalcreations.blogspot.com/
Gaelle     http://faitmainparthecook.blogspot.com/
Pinky      http://pinky-pinkysworld.blogspot.com/
Mary J    http://maryjdesigns.blogspot.com/
Sue         http://suesassortedramblings.blogspot.com/
Anita       http://www.anitasdesigns.blogspot.com/

I've also attached one of the cards I made for my "audition" I shall be posting the other 2 in the next couple of days. I still don't know which one to pick but whichever I click first will be the one lol!!

OK Wellies Robyn won and I found her first! I love this card and the colours!

I made a side stepper card and thought it would be fantastic for a little girl's Birthday!
Crafty Ingredients:
Wellies Robyn (LCI)
Bo Bunny Buttons
Bo Bunny Buttercup 5/8" Ribbon
Basic Grey Baby Girl papers.
Twine, Gloss 3d foam pads
CS - Bazzill Basics.

I love the colours and thought they suited Wellies Robyn so well! I won Wellies Robyn in one of Kerry's giveaways and chose her becuase my little girl Grace is OBSESSED with wellies and Robyn reminded me so much of Grace! I made her umbrella 3d by using some foam squares. I also used glossy accents on some of the puddle and rain drops. I stitched the ribbon to create the ruffled effect and I think it turned out really well. I was so pleased with this card, it was the first one I'd made for my audition (I've sorted my order now, I'm going to do them in the order I made them - sorted!) I printed the sentiment on the computer. Hope you enjoy the card!

So what do you think!? I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday - PS don't forget my special offer promotions in yesterdays post - check out the discount codes and have yourself a bargain!!
Congratulations once again to my fellow Lovely Ladybugs - looking forward to working with you all and producing some amazing cards!! May the fun and games commence!

Friday, 27 August 2010


Hmpf, it happpned and I had been dreading the day. I caught a sickness bug and was very sick yesterday/last night! :( I was not a happy person. I was so sick through my pregnancy with Grace right the way through. I got terribly dehydrated with kidney infections and was in and out of hospital rather a lot - nothing stopped it and after I had her I said if I was ever sick again it would be too soon, so you can maybe understand why with just over 2 years since having her I was so sick I was not a happy person!!
To make things worse Grace has been very poorly (I seem to be forever posting that!) Bless her, she's had a terrible ear infection and we had a nightmare experience with a doctor which led to more stress and will have caused her infection to have been worse too. Poor Simon has had 2 of us being ill for the last 2 days. I've been completely wiped out and am shattered now and a little hyper having had my first coffee in 2 days!
Thankfully no sickness today and Grace is responding well to the antibiotics which is a huge relief!
My post today is of the feature I'd mentioned previously and never got around to posting. I produced this layout for Scrapbook Magazine - it is in issue 48 which is still the current issue. I'm sorry the photo isn't that great, I must have taken it at night as the light is reflecting (I'll try to remember to take a better picture). I had so much fun producing this layout for Scrapbook Magazine. I always feel rather proud to see something I've created published! This particular layout was for a "Scraplift Challenge" I had to produce a layout for readers to "scraplift" and use their own stash to replicate the layout I created, the magazine then publishing readers' layouts based on my creation in subsequent issues, I'm looking forward to seeing what people have come up with. For this layout, I had to keep things nice and simple so that beginners could follow the design easily too. I was rather pleased with the colours and I adore these papers - Wild Raspberry by K & Co, I thought they suited a Summery theme nicely!

I shall be back tomorrow with a much more exciting post! Night night xXx

Oh blimey I nearly forgot!!
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Blimey, who stole the sun!!??

Brrrrrrr - did I go to bed last night and wake up in November/December?!? I must admit, it took ages for me to get warm last night, I had the duvet wrapped around me and it took a long time to get to sleep (there went my "early" night! I can't believe how cold it's been today and it hasn't stopped raining since about 12:30-1:00 ish!! I think my veggie patch is singing with joy still but I think it's had enough of a soak now!! Let's hope we get a nice September - I'll settle on the first half as we have a few parties to go to and it would be nice if it was dry and warm-ish! We tried turning the heating on tonight and can't get it to work!!! We live in an old house built in 1850 I think, it's absolutely beautiful, it's part of Simon's parent's farm, it is lovely although it still needs a lot of work and modernisation doing to it, when we moved in we had to strip everywhere out, replaster walls (which were down to the brick in places!) Put a new bathroom in, carpets everywhere and decorate everywhere, we still have the kitchen a couple of other rooms to get around but it's getting there. The boiler is rather old and I'm working on getting Simon to replace it so fingers crossed!

Grace isn't very well again today, I thought she just had a cold and chesty cough but I'm thinking more and more that she may have a chest infection bless her. Doctors tomorrow again me thinks.

On to today's card... I've started my Christmas cards!!! I know it's quite late in comparison with many others but I get so busy at times that I don't have time, I usually sit and make cards in "bulk" when I'm on a roll as opposed to one a day.

Crafty Ingredients:
Bo Bunny Tis The Season Papers in:
Carol (reverse)
Bo Bunny Double Dot CS in:
Wild Berry
Elzybells Stamp & Sentiment
Bo Bunny Tis The Season Buttons
Twine, Glitter and a Prima Pearl

I think this image is so cute, bless rudolph tucked up by the tree and the robin is very sweet helping to finish decorating. I added some glitter to the star and a few of the lights, I though it would sparkle when it catches the light.

Well that's it from me tonight, I think I'll be off to bed soon, try and get warm and read, started a new book last night so got to get into it (after blubbing my eyes out finishing one last night)!
Night night xXx

Monday, 23 August 2010


Gosh I can't believe how quickly the days seem to be slipping by and my goodness how the nights are drawing in!!! Has anyone seen the moon tonight, it's really large and beautiful, we had a lovely pink sky and the moon was out amongst the clouds, it looks so pretty.

Anyway, I've been very busy adding the gorgeous new collections by My Mind's Eye - they're called Alphabet Soup and there's one for boys and one for girls! Most of the papers are perfect for cards as well as scrapping and all papers are double sided. There's adhesive chipboard, cardstock accessories, brads and brand new playing cards (they're very very cute!) You can find the collections by clicking HERE

I've been busy adding other new goodies too including gorgeous E-Line crystals and pearls by Prima - there's now 18 different colour combination packs to choose from and they're a bargain at only £1.50 per pack!!! Check out the flowers too, they're priced at £1.50 a pack also and are exceptional value!

If you're new to the website - don't forget that there's free postage over £16.50 and a loyalty scheme too!!
You can also get 10% off your first order by entering the code 10FFNEW

I've had a busy week and day today. Some of the usual stuff like cleaning etc but I've been busy in my veggie patch and now have several cucumbers, cauliflowers, beans and tomatoes all ready to pick! I love going outside in the evening picking fresh produce ready to make for dinner! I also have a flowering aubergine plant, my butternut squash plants are going mad and are now flowering (yum yum!), I have several pumpkins busy growing and more (I get a little excited about my veggies - I haven't had a veggie patch for the last 3 years, with having Grace, moving and setting up the business I didn't have time or chance but now Grace and I both go out, she has her watering can and trowl and loves "helping") Grace also loves to pick the plums and apples off the trees, she's so lucky to have such a great garden and setting to grow up in. I shall have to get some pics!

I've been busy trying to decide what new stock to order (and actually ordered it - making a decision is a big thing for me lol!!) I hope everyone will be pleased with what will be arriving from the U.S. in the next month or so!

Today's card I've made for my Dad from Grace. I absolutely love these papers by Bo Bunny, the colours and patterns are perfect for masculine projects, I loved this image too by Elzybells, my Dad trained as a mechanic when he joined the Armed Forces and gradually built up to running his own workshop, he still loves to get stuck in there though and fix them when her can.

Crafty Ingredients
Bo Bunny Blueberrie Pie Papers:
Blueberrie Pie
Blueberrie Floral
Blueberrie Stripe
Blueberrie Dot
Bo Bunny Double Dot 3/8" Ribbon - Olive

I think there are a couple of blueberrie pie papers on the website still, they're in the sale (which if you haven't checked out yet, I'd hop on over to get some bargains quick!

Anyway, hope you all like the card. Have a lovely evening, I'm off to get dinner - late yet again!! I'm starving!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Really really quick post!

Just a really really quick post as I'm off to bed, we've had a very busy few days with Sarah staying, it's been lovely to have her stay for a few days and relax, shop, natter and spend some time together.
We all went to Longleat today. The estate belongs to Lord Bath and it's beautiful!! We had a great time touring his amazing house, a boat trip on the lakes feeding sea lions!!! We got to see a 9 week old sea lion pup and Grace loved feeding them! We took a trip around the large hedge maze which was great fun and last on the list was the safari drive itself. We were incredibly lucky and a female giraffe calf was born yesterday afternoon and we got to see her with her mummy!!! It was amazing and she was so beautiful, was lovely to see the bond between mother and baby so strong too. Grace had a great walk around the wallabies and we could actually walk in with them in their exhibit!

We're all rather tired now though hence the "early" night! I thought I'd share a picture of the giraffe calf with you all though.
I'm due to get the new MME collections in tomorrow, it'll take me a little bit of time to get everything online but they're worth the wait :D
Hope everyone is keeping well!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Having a lovely time!

Just a very quick post today I'm sorry!! I've been very very busy making cards but they're tightly under wraps at the moment but more will become apparent soon eeeek!!

Sarah, Grace and I have been having a lovely time and what do girls love to do when they get together.... shop!! We hit Cheltenham yesterday and had a great time. I actually started using some of out vouchers we'd received for wedding presents and bought some lovely things for our dining room and kitchen, I also had an M & S gift card from Christmas still with money on it and bought some more lovely things for the home with it and I still have some money left on it!) I just need to buy some shelves I've been eyeing up for the dining room and then I can put all of the lovely things I bought out. I love buying things for the house, I'm not a big clothes shopper at all.

I might get chance to post a card tomorrow - fingers crossed! I hope you're all having a great weekend.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A nice relaxing and Summery card!

Got a busy day today (again!) most days seem to be rather full but I love keeping busy and enjoy lots of challenges. I had a busy morning cleaning and entertaining Grace. We've both been busy colouring too - she loves colouring and has excellent control with her pencils, I'm sure she'll continue to enjoy being arty and I can see her wanting to make cards and a scrapbook when she's a little older!
I have Sarah vistiting for a few days tomorrow so I've been busy getting her room ready and trying to get some washing done out of the way. I've not seen Sarah since Simon's and my Wedding in June so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. I've known Sarah for a long time, we used to go to School and Sixth Form together and we've remained relly good friends ever since. She was my Bridesmaid and Grace's Godmother. We've got a few things planned for whilst she's down - I'll be taking photos and updating hopefully each day! My other plan is to try and get our guest room decroated and so might go shopping and see what we can find for decor ideas and paint colours! I store the shops stock in the guest room too so I need to think more about how I'm going to arrange everything really but we'll see what we can come up with!

I'm really pleased with today's card, the opening style was inspired by Kerry at LCI. I love the image and have quite a few cat loving friends so I thought this would be purrfect!

Crafty Ingredients:

Penny Black Stamp (you can find some lovely ones HERE)
MME Bloom and Grow papers
Micro Dot Ribbon (which you can find HERE)
Prima Flowers (we have lots of gorgeous flowers including Prima at Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn.
Brad, Bazzill, Twine and Button

I made a little loop of twine to hook over the button -
I thought that the leaf detail on the stamp matched perfectly with the pp!
Thank you for stopping by, have a great afternoon and evening whatever you're doing!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Post Office Saga!!

Well, I started typing this 3 1/2 hours ago!! Ha ha I did well getting the title sorted! My head is pounding! Had a bit of a day well no I didn't but Grace had other ideas on that one! I think we can safely say she's hit terrible twos good and proper! (Although she's been trying it on for a few months now!)

Each time we pull up to the post office she moans and cries, however if we carry on and go to her friend's house just a little bit further she's full of beans jabbering away saying "where's that" and "where is she"! We go into the post office and she tries to grab things from the shelves (fine, can cope with this!) but then we stand in the queue (if we're lucky and don't have to queue it's not as bad) but she gets inpatient and bored and wants to play with the balls (one of her favourite words!) in the pen just by where we queue (I guess it's like dangling the carrot infront of the donkey isn't it!) So we queue and it gets to our turn and by this point if we've had to wait a long time, Grace will have dropped her legs and try dangling from from her arm (not good and it scares me) so then I have to pick her up and try to sort through posting parcels whilst holding an upset and fustrated and quite often cross toddler (thank goodness she doesn't weigh what an average child her age does otherwise I don't think I'd be able to hold her!) anyway, it's started to get me down as it's every time we visit the post office, which is pretty much every week day! At the moment, she's not got enough understanding to reason with. I try to explain that it's part of Mummy's job to post parcels otherwise her customers would be cross when they don't receive their parcels etc and I try to make it fun for her by letting her help and pass the letters etc but nothing seems to help. There's a beautiful pond across the road from the post office and I try to make our trip out fun by going to visit the ducks after we've finished in the post office but the last 2 days she's been a little moose and we've gone straight home. Anyway, I'm hoping it's just a phase and she'll get over it soon enough, I guess I've just got to be firm and keep telling her her current behaviour isn't acceptable and good girls that help Mummy will go and see the ducks (which she loves, I've never known a child as obsessed with ducks like she is, we have over 20 ducks in the bath!!) and little girls that don't help and be good go straight home. Wish me luck, my poor patience has been tested the last few days!!

Onto today's card... this was a very quick make I'd done for a friend's little girl's Birthday. She's obsessed with dinosaurs and has been for a few years, but not cute dinosaurs, she likes scary dinosaurs with sharp teeth etc. I don't think my cutesy dinosaur with a bow in her "hair" will quite cut it but we'll see!!

Crafty Ingredients:
Dinosaur digital stamp
DCWV papers
Prima flowers
Bo Bunny button
Ladybug Crafts Ink sentiment

I tried to use some bright fun papers which would suit a young girl and found the dcwv papers at the near bottom of a pile. I think they work quite well and the card is ok for a "quick make". I've a lovely card to post tomorrow and I still need to post my recent magazine feature!
I've still got a long list of cards to get cracking on, and I think I might get to do some "shopping" soon!!

A Funky Farm update - the new MME that I've ordered is in the country and will be here soon wooo hoo!!! :D
Hope you've all had a great day! xXx

Monday, 9 August 2010

Love Mondays!

I actually rather like Mondays, mainly because Grace and I usually have a little get together with some friends and we have a great time playing, laughing and having a good old chat! Does us both the world of good!
I had a quiet day yesterday, was rather tired and just didn't get going, managed to get some washing done out of the way though (thrilling stuff here!)
The sun is trying it's best to stay out here this morning, clouds are getting in the way a little, I've already heard it's not that nice up with Kerry in Glasgow - I hope she built her ark! :(
I need to go off and sort out a cake or biscuits for our get together otherwise I'll be in trouble!
I've put the card up that I made on Saturday for our friends who got married, I've decided to make it a little easier for people wanting to know what I use to make the cards and will be putting a "Crafty Ingredients" list up from now on!
Hope you all have a lovely Monday, I have 4 more card to try and get finished today!

Crafty Ingredients:
Bride Nikki
Bo Bunny Kitchen Spice Papers - Rosemary & Ginger
Cream Cardstock
Pink Inkpads (Versafine)
Swarovski Crystals

I think she looks gorgeous with her crsytal tiara and sparkling dress. I'd found out in advance what their colour scheme was and made the card to suit!
Right that's all from me today, I might be back later and show you my latest piece featured in Scrapbook Magazine ;)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I had such a busy day yesterday, I managed to get quite a lot of the house cleaned (finally!) and we managed to have a lovely night out despite a shakey start, Grace understood more than what we thought when we were talking to Simon's sister Julie, we were just saying what time we'd be back and Simon started saying good bye etc and Grace got upset! Was stupid really, we should have just slipped out quietly! Grace was fine after a few minutes and she was as good as gold and went to sleep within minutes of her Auntie putting her up to bed! It was her first night with someone coming over to our house to look after her for the night and I was so relieved that everything had gone well. We had a wonderful night, was so lovely seeing so many people that we hadn't seen since our wedding and others before then. Henry and Rachel were both really enjoying himself and had a lovely day. The house where they had their reception was gorgeous, it was an old rectory right by the Church in a beautiful little village the other side of the hills. It did us both good getting out for a few hours.

This is a card I made a couple of days ago (I know I'm on a roll aren't I?!) It's for my sister and her husband. I can't believe a year has gone by so quickly. It's definately true what they say, the older you get the faster the years go by! It's got worse since we had Grace, time seems to have whizzed by since we had her!

I made the card using a sheet of Bo Bunny Sweetie Pie PP I think I've sold out of this one but I do have other designs still available, they're all gorgeous and are great for cards - you can find them HERE.
I used a piece of Bo Bunny Double Dot Wild Berry Ribbon in 3/8", heavily inked the edges with a gold ink pad and put a straight stitch around the edges. I also used a sheet of Co-redinations CS and sanded the edges to reveal the pink through the centre. I matted the pattern PP onto som Basic Grey Blush pink PP. Wild Berry Double Dot CS would have gone well with the PP too. I finshed the card by adding a pair of gold hearts, I had these left over from making their invitations and stationery last year and thought it would be nice to use them again.

I hope you're having a great Sunday, it's a quiet one here, I might even get some more cards made! xXx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Something a little different...

I was busy making cards the other day and I have a list of new baby cards to get through (all girls!!) and wanted to make something a little different and got thinking of popular things on baby cards and what I'd received after having Grace and thought about cute elephants. I adore elephants, I find them fascinating so knew I'd enjoy making an elephant card. I got to work drawing out an elephant shape and made the elephant shaped card.
I then covered her with patterned papers - these were by DCWV, I don't usually by DCWV but was given these papers and they'd sat in my cupboard waiting to be used, there's some pretty ones in the collection. I made a flappy ear by scoring about 5mm from the edge and using double sided tape just to the one side. I only made a tiny tail but had the idea that using some fibres and scrapbeads to make a tail would be fun. I added some gems and different paper to make the elephants feets and toes and also jeweled her trunk! I finished by adding a button for her eye and tied a bow around her trunk - think I might change the ribbon as it's quite floppy! Let me know what you think!
I hope you like her, she's off to Australia!! A friend has had a little girl just 3 days before her eldest daughter's 2nd Birthday :) July is going to be a very very busy month for them.
I'm off to a wedding reception this evening and need to get cracking making a card (I know I'm pushing it lol!) I managed to get the image coloured up last night so it's just the card to make, I've chosen the papers - and that's the thing that usually takes the longest!
I also have a house to clean... it's got a little neglected the last week with Grace being poorly! So I have a very busy afternoon ahead! I managed toget another complete card finished yesterday and also part of the wedding card underway... more tomorrow! xXx

Friday, 6 August 2010

We'll try again - hopefully the pic will appear!!!!

Right will try again with the picture!!! It didn't seem to want to post when I tried editing the post so here goes!!
I used some of my all time favourite papers from the K & Co Wild Rapsberry collection  and chose some of the blues, green and yellow from the collection (if you have it you'll know that there are so many colour options!) I added some sparkle with gems and sadly didn't have time to stamp and colour an image (I had several orders to post and thought getting the stamp posted was most important!) I love the colours in this card, let me know what you think! xXx

An Apology & Thank You

Well believe it or not, I got the best part of 3 cards made yesterday.... yes you read right 3 cards!!!! OK OK please pick youselves up off the floor (honestly it's not that unheard of... ok perhaps it is for recently!)

I managed to make a new baby card which I'm really really pleased with, a thank you/apology card and another Birthday card.

Today I've posted the Thank you/apology card. Kerry at Ladybug Crafts Ink had lent me a bride and groom stamp to make my wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. I'd completely forgotten to post the stamp back after I'd finished with it and felt awful when I got an email reminding me (I hate forgetting things, especially after borrowing something!)

Anyway I made this card to send back to say thank you for lending me the stamp and to also say sorry for it going back so late. I love the colours and really hope Kerry likes it, fingers corssed she will have got it today! :)
Right I have another busy afternoon ahead, parcels to get ready to post and more cards to make, oh and a house to clean ughhh

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Travel sickness... ha ha yeah right!

Yes well... Grace's travel sickness wasn't quite travel sickness!! From Saturday to Wednesday she'd had a really nasty tummy bug!! So a few, nights with very little sleep has wiped me out! We began to get worried about her as we could see she was getting dehydrated and has visibly lost weight (I wish I could lose weight as quickly as she does!) so took her to the doctors, just got to see whether she's better by Friday and if not go back down. Thankfully though she started to get better yesterday and I made some soup for her and she ate a bowl last night and kept it down - I think she was sick of the sight of dry toast and so relieved to see proper food!

I really need to pull mny finger out and get making some cards, I'm OK if I have a deadline to work to, we're off to a wedding on Saturday and I need to get making a card - I've got a little behind with Grace being poorly again but I shall get on the case later, I need more coffee first and I've a bunch of parcels waiting to be put together and posted! I also have an anniversary card to make, 2 children's Birthday cards, baby cards galore and more!

Remember the sale is still going strong and the new Echo Park papers and pom pom ribbon seems to be going down a treat too!
Right I shall see how I get on!