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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Having so much fun!!! Thank you Lovely Ladybugs!

I am already having so much fun being a lovely ladybug! We're getting to know each other more and more and I think we're all as mad and as nutty as each other (phew!)

I've been busy in my veggie patch trying to get out in the fresh air after being so poorly whilst it's nice and dry. I can't believe how much my butternut squash plants have taken over, I only planted 5/6 seeds - they obviously love their home!! I hope I get lots of them I love butternut squash and Sarah (who visited a few weeks ago loves them too so she can sample my harvest!) I'm also very impressed that my aubergine plant is busy producing aubergines, it must have about 8 flowers and it's got one aubergine growing at the moment. My runner beans are going mad and so are my tomatoes, they've sank down a little because of all the weight they're carrying, seriously I have 100s and 100s of tomatoes growing!!! I have normal ones, cherry ones, plum and cherry plum tomatoes and we sampled them last night and they're delicious, I love the smell of the vines mmmmm lol! I've added a few pics to share as I'm so pleased with my efforts despite me starting it so late this year!
My Aubergines!

My runner beans!

Cucumbers - They're huge!!

My butternut squashes and you can see on the left by the fence my 2 rhubarb plants sticking out bless them! (My cauliflower plants are on the right)

One of my Cherry Tomato plants!

One of my pumpkins!

OK that will do with the veggies before a get a little too carried away lol!! I'm so pleased with how it's gone though!

Right onto today's card, this is another card (the second one) I made for Kerry at LCI for my "audition" - I LOVE Magnum and had to use this stamp in my first ever stamp kit for my online shop, you can also find the paw print twill in the kit too, I still need to add it as an individual item along with a few others. I had planned something a little bit different with the card (hence why the aquamarine card isn't centred!) I love the colours of these papers and CS I love greens and browns!! I thought this card could easily be used for a lady who isn't overly girly or could easily be used for a man too!

Crafty Ingredients:
Catflap Magnum (LCI)
Paw Print Twill
MME Little Boy Blue Papers
Smarty Pants (reverse for the brown)
Growing Up (spotty paper)
Hearty (reverse is the gorgeous green!)
Bo Bunny button
Bo Bunny Double Dot CS Aquamarine
LCI Just for you sentiment
Scallop border punch

You can find all of the products to make this gorgeous card online at http://www.funkyfarmscrapbookbarn.co.uk/
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I'll be back hopefully as I have a another post to make! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! xXx


  1. Hi Hayley .. love the garden pics .. i have some aubergines too, courgettes and cucumbers as well as a glut of tomatoes in my greenhouse... if you look out on my blog on the 1st sept .. you will see a post related to my produce lol.
    Loving the magnum card and the colours ... i must get my teal card done for Sue.
    Hope you don't mind we all have tiara's now lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. OM gosh; those veggies look so delightful; I'm headed to the store today to buy some veggies for dinner - but NOTHING beats home grown!!!

    Love the magnum card - oh so cute.

    Hugs sweetie - take care!!

  3. Your Magnum card is adorable. And your veggies? OMgosh, girl! They look so yummy.

  4. I wish I lived closer to you Hayley because I LOVE butternut squash too! I have a fab butternut squash risotto recipe if you'd like.

    You've just reminded me I need to do a teal card for Sue...I MUST write a to do list for this week ... What with Lisa cracking the whip..oops...that's my job lol...for the mermaid challenge.

    Love this card Hayley...the colours are gorgeous together...remind me to get some of that ribbon next time I place an order...hmmm..that sounded rather Irish lol..Sorry Pinky!!! xx

  5. Thank you again lovely ladies :)
    lol Kerry!
    I have an amazing recipe for butternut squash and gorgonzola risotto, it's my favourite risotto, I love it! If only you lived closer, judging by the size of the plants and little buds starting to appear I should (fingers crossed get a good harvest!)
    I need a to do list too!

  6. Holy cow Hayley!! Your garden oughta be in a magazine! My hubby is trying like mad to get a simple tomato plant to produce one single tomato!! I better not show him your blog. BTW, your blog is too cute, as is this adorable card with Magnum!! Isn't he the BESTEST??

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Hee hee I'm a little star struck!! Thank you so much Jeanie for joining my blog, I feel very honoured :)
    I love Magnum, he's gorgeous and so loveable!!
    Thank you for your lovely coimpliments, my secret to this year's veggie success is poop and lots of it!!! Ha ha, we live on a farm and my veggie patch had masses of cow poop piled on to it and worked into the ground, it worked a treat!!

  8. What AMAZIMG veg! I hate gardening so you'll have no competition from me, lol!!!

    I saw that you were looking to add th "what else you might like..." thingy on your blog. I put it on my blog aaaages ago - follow this link and hopefully it will work!


  9. Wow!! That's not a veggie patch!! It's far to big to be a patch! If I'm really nice will you send me a food parcel on account of the rabbits decimating all of mine :-) LOL!

    Lovely card, just adore those papers, they are perfect for boys

    Sue xx


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