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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Post Office Saga!!

Well, I started typing this 3 1/2 hours ago!! Ha ha I did well getting the title sorted! My head is pounding! Had a bit of a day well no I didn't but Grace had other ideas on that one! I think we can safely say she's hit terrible twos good and proper! (Although she's been trying it on for a few months now!)

Each time we pull up to the post office she moans and cries, however if we carry on and go to her friend's house just a little bit further she's full of beans jabbering away saying "where's that" and "where is she"! We go into the post office and she tries to grab things from the shelves (fine, can cope with this!) but then we stand in the queue (if we're lucky and don't have to queue it's not as bad) but she gets inpatient and bored and wants to play with the balls (one of her favourite words!) in the pen just by where we queue (I guess it's like dangling the carrot infront of the donkey isn't it!) So we queue and it gets to our turn and by this point if we've had to wait a long time, Grace will have dropped her legs and try dangling from from her arm (not good and it scares me) so then I have to pick her up and try to sort through posting parcels whilst holding an upset and fustrated and quite often cross toddler (thank goodness she doesn't weigh what an average child her age does otherwise I don't think I'd be able to hold her!) anyway, it's started to get me down as it's every time we visit the post office, which is pretty much every week day! At the moment, she's not got enough understanding to reason with. I try to explain that it's part of Mummy's job to post parcels otherwise her customers would be cross when they don't receive their parcels etc and I try to make it fun for her by letting her help and pass the letters etc but nothing seems to help. There's a beautiful pond across the road from the post office and I try to make our trip out fun by going to visit the ducks after we've finished in the post office but the last 2 days she's been a little moose and we've gone straight home. Anyway, I'm hoping it's just a phase and she'll get over it soon enough, I guess I've just got to be firm and keep telling her her current behaviour isn't acceptable and good girls that help Mummy will go and see the ducks (which she loves, I've never known a child as obsessed with ducks like she is, we have over 20 ducks in the bath!!) and little girls that don't help and be good go straight home. Wish me luck, my poor patience has been tested the last few days!!

Onto today's card... this was a very quick make I'd done for a friend's little girl's Birthday. She's obsessed with dinosaurs and has been for a few years, but not cute dinosaurs, she likes scary dinosaurs with sharp teeth etc. I don't think my cutesy dinosaur with a bow in her "hair" will quite cut it but we'll see!!

Crafty Ingredients:
Dinosaur digital stamp
DCWV papers
Prima flowers
Bo Bunny button
Ladybug Crafts Ink sentiment

I tried to use some bright fun papers which would suit a young girl and found the dcwv papers at the near bottom of a pile. I think they work quite well and the card is ok for a "quick make". I've a lovely card to post tomorrow and I still need to post my recent magazine feature!
I've still got a long list of cards to get cracking on, and I think I might get to do some "shopping" soon!!

A Funky Farm update - the new MME that I've ordered is in the country and will be here soon wooo hoo!!! :D
Hope you've all had a great day! xXx

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  1. Oh dear, I totally feel your pain on little ones behaviour!! Hopefully in another year she'll be into playing post (how about getting her a little posty set?) It's blooming hard though when you are out and have to get things done!

    Love the card - I like that dinosaur!!

    Looking forward to seeing your mag feature, and the new papers!

    Sue xx


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