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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Really really quick post!

Just a really really quick post as I'm off to bed, we've had a very busy few days with Sarah staying, it's been lovely to have her stay for a few days and relax, shop, natter and spend some time together.
We all went to Longleat today. The estate belongs to Lord Bath and it's beautiful!! We had a great time touring his amazing house, a boat trip on the lakes feeding sea lions!!! We got to see a 9 week old sea lion pup and Grace loved feeding them! We took a trip around the large hedge maze which was great fun and last on the list was the safari drive itself. We were incredibly lucky and a female giraffe calf was born yesterday afternoon and we got to see her with her mummy!!! It was amazing and she was so beautiful, was lovely to see the bond between mother and baby so strong too. Grace had a great walk around the wallabies and we could actually walk in with them in their exhibit!

We're all rather tired now though hence the "early" night! I thought I'd share a picture of the giraffe calf with you all though.
I'm due to get the new MME collections in tomorrow, it'll take me a little bit of time to get everything online but they're worth the wait :D
Hope everyone is keeping well!


  1. I love giraffes Hayley!!! Glad you've had a good time with Sarah and it's no wonder you're pooped. Looking forward to seeing the new
    MME :-D xx

  2. OOOHHH, you tease!! New MME papers, and right in time for payday too :-) The Giraffe calf is so cute, great photo

    Sue xx


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